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I wanted so have somewhere to put to the pieces of music / audio / noise / whatever that I've been experimenting with, and throwing them up into my YouTube channel seemed like a waste for pieces that lacked any visual / video aspect. So, I've made this site as somewhere to hold the audio-only pieces. As per usual with this kind of stuff headphones or some half-decent speakers are recommended (especially if you try playing all the pieces simultaneously).

The pieces are list chronologically, with the oldest at the top and newest at the bottom.

I've also started to make / modify bits of kit. They're now found under the Instruments section of the website.
Buddha vs Buddha vs NTS-1 (001)

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[320kbps, 46mb]
This piece was created with two Buddha Machines - a generation 1 and a generation 4. They were fed in an Uptronics Double Delay and a Korg NTS-1, which were set to cross-feed into each other through the AUX sends on the mixing desk. The NTS-1 is setup to process the incoming signal through its delay and reverb processors. As the piece progresses the cross-feed increases becoming such that the original sources from the Buhhda Machines is almost lost into the ether, but at the same time becoming a very harmonic and listenable feedback.
July 2020, 18m 58s

Buddha vs Buddha vs NTS-1 (002)

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[320kbps, 20mb]
As with the previous track, this piece was created with two Buddha Machines - a generation 1 and a generation 4 - being fed out through AUX sends into an Uptronics Double Delay and a Korg NTS-1. The NTS-1 was set to process the singals through its chorus, delay and reverb processors. Like the previous track these were cross-fed into each other, but at a much lower rate. This leave more of the original source audio visible and gives the piece an ebb and flow as the signals from the Buddha Machines phase in and out with each other.
July 2020, 8m 20s

NTS-1 Gemini (004)

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[320kbps, 23mb]
This track was made with an arpeggiated riff from the Korg NTS-1, processed through both its onboard effects and also through a TC Electroncs Flashback 2. Like the previous two tracks there was some cross-feed of the effects through the mixing desk. Drums are from a Korg ER-1. I added some field recordings of a recent rainstorm, together with some audio from NASA's 1965 Gemini 6 & 7 space mission in post-production.
August 2020, 9m 49s

Martian Ice Baby

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[128kbps, 5mb]
This is a mashup I made back in (I think) 2010. The banging bit of techno that underpins this is a track called Martian by Millicent (originally released on Hippocamp, number HC154) from 2006. The vocals are from an acapella I found online that I've not been able to identify - it's certainly not from a famous 1989 track by a frozen-dairy dessert-themed rapper... I remember that I had to cut and trimstretch each line individually to account for the slightly loose flow and to get it back in time with the track. © The respective owners.
2010-ish, 5m 15s

Bring the Flat Beat

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[320kbps, 5mb]
This is a mashup I made in 2017. I'd had the idea for this one knocking around in my head for years and it only came to fruition when I chanced upon the acapella while wandering aimlessly around the YouTube. This one is about the two-demensional adventures of Eric and Chuck (and his time-obessed friend). © The respective owners.
April 2017, 2m 20s

Korg Modular Jam (002)

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[320kbps, 22mb]
For this piece I created a simple patch on the Korg Modular and set up the LFO (or at least the envelope you can use as an LFO) with an very off-beat retrigger. The Korg was ran through the AUX sends on the mixer to a TC Electronics Flashback 2 and Korg NTS-1's delay and reverb effects. The delay output from the Flashback was fed back into itself giving two lots of feedback - the effect feedback and the mixer feedback. A single note repeated was played into the Korg and the LFO settings were changed live. This throws out the tempo and the note goes from a multi-tap delay, into a strum, into a very tight phased. And then back and forth between. This is layered atop a different take of this idea that I pitched down a couple of octaves and timestretched in a very freehand manner.
September 2020, 9m 00s

Monotron Jam (001)

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[320kbps, 14mb]
This one is based around my Korg Monotron Delay, which I modded so that I can play it from a proper keyboard rather than the ribbon controller. However, my modding skills aren't that good so it now becomes a rather handy little drone machine. The melody - if you can call it such - was played live from the Keystep via the CV out. The Korg NTS-1 was brought in to provide the phaser, stereo delay and reverb. A TC Electronics Flashback 2 provides another delay. Again, these are cross fed into each other to richen up the sound. The gently hiss you hear is from the noisy output on the Monotron.
October 2020, 6m 00s

Homemade Percussion Looping (001)

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[320kbps, 13mb]
The instruments - if you can call them such - in this piece were the Flashback 2 (using a reversing delay), the NTS-1 (for reverb), my new homemade dual delay (see here for the info on modding the PCBs - I ran two boards in series) and a springy noisemaker thing (pictured here). The springy box was fed into the dual delay with the the delay time set short on one and long on the other. The Flashback time was set to run a nice rhythmic rate. Feedback on all three delays was cranked right up, just before it self-oscillated into oblivion.
November 2020, 5m 35s

Homemade Percussion Looping (002)

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[320kbps, 16mb]
As with the previous piece, this one also uses the dual delay (detailed here), the Flashback 2 and NTS-1 pairing for delay and reverb respectively. This one also featured the springy noisemaker thing (pictured here) together with the pringles-lid-drum-machine (pictured here). The main percussion is from the pringle drum machine fed into the Flashback reversing delay. The springy thing was fed into the dual delay - with less extreme settings than the previous track - and from there into both the Flashback and the NTS-1.
November 2020, 6m 39s


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[320kbps, 6.6mb]
This piece was a little something different. I'd been playing around with Spitfire Audio's Labs free VST sample instruments, and I decided to try writing something a bit cinematic and a bit freestyle. With the exception of the field recordings, everything else was - mostly - played live and made up as I went along. I basically multitracked against my own (admittedly in need of work) playing and came up with something pretty bleak. I like it though.
June 2021, 2m 45s

Euro 2020 Street Party

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[44.1k, Stereo, 93.5mb]
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[160kbps, 10mb]
The next street over were having a party and watching the Euro 2020 finals (England vs Italy). This is a recording of the end of the penalty shootout which England (sadly) lost. It's a field recording so it's a little bit noisy, and features dogs barking, people cheering, random chanting and the occasional child swearing. This one is presented as a public domain recording - you can use it for whatever you'd like.
July 2021, 8m 19s

Pretty Colours

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[320kbps, 22.3mb]
This is an audio collage that I made from some field recordings that I made in 2021. It's a collection of birdsong, flowing water and all the things that accomapanied my random wanders. It's even got some of the Euro 2020 recordings from above in it. There's also a verion of this on YouTube with some soothing visuals.
February 2022, 9m 32s

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