Making or modifying DIY instruments for fun and (no) profit!
First off, the disclaimer. I'm not an electronics expert - I'm at best a beginner. However, I can solder and I know what the various components do (within reason) so what's below is my best attempt at either making or modifying stuff.

These guides mainly deal with the PCB and associated bits, the enclosures are up to your tastes and abilities.
PT2399 Delay Board Modifications
This mod takes an off the shelf PT2399 delay board and adds potentiometers to control the delay time, the feedback and mix.

ISD1820 Lo-fi Sampler
Takes an ISD1820-based audio recording board, adds in pitch control and breaks out the record and playback controls to external buttons.

Modify a Velleman MK171 voice-changer kit
This is based upon the HT8950A-based kit that Velleman produce. It adds in a potentiometer for pitch control and breaks out the buttons.

A light controlled Atari Punk Console
Build guide for a light controlled Atari Punk Console

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