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whirls and bleeps ina lectonic stylee
tsuji giri
sonic youth meets jesus lizard in a small room with big sticks
yena veldt
like the giri, but not. best new band in mcr? prolly (rip)
bangin. bleepy. clangky
best band you've never seen. fact (rip?)
part psych, part rock, whole awesome (rip)
big joan
they're from bristol. they rock like bastards
ivory springer
they're from bristol too, but they rock like different bastards
danny saul
from't giri. has 12 fingers on each hand. make lovely music
friend of future kings
be afraid. that is all
munkfaust records
they released the giri album
the sonar yen
sadly no more, but awesome when they were around (rip)
mcr electronica online mp3 label
data capture
local collective putting on nights and stuff like that (rip?)
manchester music
if it's music in manchester, then it'll probably be here
ged camera
photos of everyone whose ever played in mcr
cool internerd stuff. home of almost every photoshopped image you get sent
digital alien landscape
streams of her stomach
21st century cyber warriors. messed in the head

there are more people who we should be linking to, but we can't remember them... if you are one of those people, contact us and we'll add you to our list of goodosity.

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