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picture gallery #1
roadhouse 25th october 2002
tsuji giri & the sonar yen single launch

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daz 'thene acts aloof when confronted about the incident with the noodles sister ruth may be smiling, but there's menace behind it jo-jo sees martin's dolly parton impression katie 'thene auditions for kiss
the emotion of the night gets to martin refueling giri style moments later someone got hurt ed & lani have no idea who i am
gimp rick (and manc jim) andy still hasn't got the hang of this smoking lark cath proves her northern credentials with drinking and swearing alcy cath sinks another while an orange looking karl drinks frothy vimto
while dan's distracted, mike gets ready for a quick feel it appears ivan has been drinking gin again. *sigh* it'll be a long night... dan's sauchy comment bored mandy to sleep this bit is blank
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