Four Walls
September 2021

Roughly six months ago, just before spring started, we looked like we were cresting the peak of the pandemic and that normality would be around corner.

I shot a series of photos - A light in the dark (1) - with the intention of capturing those last dark days and making a record of how it was before the world went back to normal. Whatever normal might actually be.

As we head into Autumn, the world has started to open up. But we're nowhere near the life we had just two years ago. Change has been slow - but it has been change, at least.

The world as we knew it has been relegated to the history books, how we live now is changed irrevocably forever. And that's a difficult thing to come to terms with. That everything you used to know and rely upon, that's now gone to be replaced by something that you were never truly prepared for.

I've been able to work from home during the lockdown period. It coincided with a change in outlook of my employer to move away from the traditional office-based paradigm to a more free-range-employee based idea. I'm sure the savings on office rent weren't on their mind when they came to this decision - but it dove-tailed nicely for them.

This meant that where I lived become where I worked. I heard it mentioned more than once that we now don't work from home, but we live at work. I'm sure that no company has rubbed its hands together at the thoughts of a permanently on-call workforce.

While A light in the dark (1) was based upon the idea that I rarely ventured more than a mile from home, I've come to realise that actually my circle of movement is so much smaller. I spend the majority of the time within the four walls of my house.

And so, this work is just that. It's a snapshot of the space in which I current spend the majority of my time. It's the items that I interact with, and the walls that contain them.

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