In this bit here is supposed to be the write up of the trip. However, I've not yet finished writing it. So in the meantime, have a look at a selection of the photos from the trip. So while I'm still writing the full version of the write up here's the short version -

Dan, Dom and I went to America. We left Manchester on the 7th March 2007 and went to New York where it was cold. We met Ed in 7B and Dan played a couple of gigs to not many people. We went to Austin on the 12th where it was hot. We met up with Jojo, Lianne and Rachel as they were over too and stayed in the same hotel. We saw some bands for South by Southwest and Dan did a couple more gigs to a few more (attentive) people, although I missed one 'cos they didn't bother waking me up when they left for it. We saw those Bonebox fellows around and drank a bit with them. We then went to Boston on the 19th and stopped in a too posh for us hotel. It was cold and a bit dull in Boston. The bars were spread apart a little too much. We set off home on the 22nd and I made it back to my bed on the 23rd. The end.

UPDATE: I've stuck up some more photos while I try and get my shit together to write this story. Here's the links to the first page, second page and third page of photos

UPDATE #2: The story's still not finished yet. But I've put up dom's photos. Find them here.