The Shadow Is The Object - Photos By Darren C Shaw

Here is a collection of galleries of photographs that I've taken over the years. They're in roughly chronological order, newest at the top.

Bands and Fans

Sexy Secrets
Tiger Lounge
6th March 2007
Dyspraxia And Millicent
26th May 2007
Danny Saul And Greg Haines
20th June 2007
Rumours Kill
Flying Horse
19th July 2007
Breaking Colts
Saki Bar
18th August 2007


Danny Saul and Greg Haines
Saki Bar
18th August 2007
Saki Bar
18th August 2007
Warm Widow
Saki Bar
18th August 2007
Saki Bar
18th August 2007
Finger Rash And Russet & Brown
25th August 2007


7 Second Burn
Flying Horse
30th August 2007
Joshua Brooks
26th September 2007
Rumours Kill
Flying Horse
29th November 2007
Mark's Jam Night
The Junction
14th January 2008
Whitebox Recordings / Baked Goods Distribution
The Kings Arms, Salford
29th January 2010


Everything Else

My Holiday
New York / Austin / Boston
7th March 2007 to 22nd March 2007
All My Friends Are Drunks
Flying Horse / Drakes
29th November to 1st decmeber 2007
All Tomorrows Parties
Nightmare Before Christmas
December 2008
Various Places in Rochdale Part 1 of Many
Old Portfolio Site
2006 - 2009


Portfolio Site
December 2009 - March 2010
Hebden Bridge
22nd May 2010
A Little Day Out
7th August 2010
Odds And Sods From 2010
Part 1
Early 2011 Works


Slides of March 2011
April 11
May the 4th 5th, 6th, etc Be With You
Spring Bank Mill Art Show
30th July 2011
Sean Stafford
31st July 2011


Summer 11
This Is Heritage? Random Day Out
9th September 2011
An Evening's Phtography
29-30th September 2011
The End of 2011
October, November & December 2011
Spring Bank Mill Collective Launch At Touchstones Rochdale
3rd February 2012


Early 2012
January to March 2012
A Walk Though A Fog-Filled Wood
November 2012
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part One
December 2012
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Two
January 2013
The Photos I've Bored My Friends With Over The Past Year
February 2012 to March 2013


Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Three
September 2013
Selected Works
April to September 2013
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Four
September 2013
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Five
November 2013
I Say It As I See It Launch
23rd November 2013


Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Six
January 2014
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Seven
June 2014
Abstraction Part 1
August 2014
Abstraction Part 2
September 2014
Abstraction Part 3
September 2014


Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Eight
December 2014
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Nine
December 2014
Collection 2014
January to December 2014
Early 2015
January to May 2015
The Wedding Guests Of Sarah Elizabeth Cheetham And Ian Arthur Sanderson
27th June 2015


Darnhill Festival
4th July 2015
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Ten
July 2015
Abstraction Part 5
October and December 2015
Trickett or Treat
Halloweeen 2015
A Trip to Blackpool
March 2016


The Past Year
May 2015 to May 2016
A trip up to Gaddings Dam
Todmorden 27th July 2016
An outing to Colwyn Bay
September 2016
Ebor Studios Open Day
October 22nd 2016
Heaton Park Fireworks
November 5th 2016


Morecambe Bay
December 2016
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Eleven
January - February 2017
Ink in Water Experiments Part One
February 2017
Another Trip to Blackpool
March 2017
I went to Scarborough
August 2017


Rochdale Fireworks
November 2017
Paintings Part One
Morecambe Bay
March 2018
Splash Part One
April 2018
Piethorne and
Ogden Reservoirs
May 2018


Blackpool & St Anne's
July 2018
September 2018
Abstraction Part 6
October 2018
Rochdale Fireworks
November 2018
Watergrove Reservoir


Lamplighters Festival
November 2018
Splash Part Two
November 2018
February 2019
Abstraction Part 7
March 2019
Kirty Rigg Skydive
Cark, Cumbria
May 2019


The Wedding of Ella Cooper and Michael Nuttall
9th June 2018
June 2019
Abstraction Park 8
June 2019
A Collection
July 2019
Rochdale Uprising
Mural Festival
August 2019


Old Fire Brigade Station
September 2019
Rochdale 10k
6th October 2019
Rochdale Fireworks
November 2019
Spooky Trees
November 2019
New Year's Eve Fireworks
January 2020


Hardcastle Crags
Hebden Bridge
January 2020
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Twelve
August 2020
Summer Rochdale Fireworks
August 2020
Instant Photography
Late 2020
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Thirteen
January 2021


Nebula Experiments
Part One
February 2021
A Light In The Dark (1)
Early 2021
Back To The Pub
Post-Lockdown Drinks
April 2021
April 2021
Four Walls
September 2021


Violet Flamingo
10th Birthday
November 2021
A Year In Review
Early 2023
Flash And Smoke Experiments Part Fourteen
February 2023
March 2023


February / March
Tour of Britain
Stage 1 - Rochdale
September 2023
Keely's Birthday 2023


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