Darren Shaw Photography
Selected work from December 2009 to March 2010

Christmas lights on a messy desk

Sun shines over a hedgerow with the leaves giving the impression of a couple of small animals

Winter sunset not far from home

The sunshining through the clouds illuminate the weather station / mobile phone mast / weapons silo in Royton, near Rochdale

Gristlism (Buddha) box in red

Another sunset from behind a hedge - looks slightly faked...

Experimenting with short exposure times (1/100000s) to get the glowing filament of a bulb

Trying to catch a photo of the snow using the security light in the back yard

Strange white balance with a long exposure gives an odd look to the garden

Jack and ice? Funny what appears when the snow starts to melt

Just a bridge near my house, but the colour of the sky makes it work

A winter sky with a naturally occuring lens flare effect

Different part of the same winter sky, the colours make it seem really bleak

Splash! Throwing ice into the canal

Happy new year!

Another odd white balance long exposure of the garden in the snow

Through the security peephole in the front door

Snowy tree in next door's garden

My retro Casio watch at a quarter to eight, Saturday 16th January

More odd white balancing to get a other-worldly sky

Paint over the top of a bollard. Why?

Just out the front on bin day. I like the colours

Long exposure with the camera on a record deck

The upstairs back room of the Kings Arms in Salford

Self portrait in a tunnel

A flock of birds flying (nearly) in the shape of a bird

Some derelict machinery near home, I like the heart in the centre

Sunset reflected in the neighbour's window

Random seagull with strange pink colouring of the clouds

The whip

A cone in a field - I like the contrast in colours

Another of the whip

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