Sean Stafford
31st July 2011

My friend Sean and I were looking at some photographs from the Second World War of the soldiers who'd been in the field for a while, and the one thing that stood out was the look of hopelessness; of futility; of a spriit that was faltering, struggling, falling. You couldn't call it a thousand yard stare - that wouldn't do it justice. It was like a piece of their soul had been left at every field, town, battle across the countysides of Europe and as the days wore them down they were becoming just shells of their old selves.

So rather than go for the "glory" of war we wanted to show the human cost. We all know the civilian cost in war is immense, but in WW2 a lot of the soldiers were civilians before being conscripted. We wanted to try and re-create that world weariness that drained from the soldiers.

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