Spring Bank Mill Collective Launch
Touchstones Rochdale - 3rd February 2012

Town Hall Clock Tower (yes, I was running a little bit late) and d'mooooon

Jenny in thoughtful reflection

John find humour in that idea

Minus laughs as hoody drops one

Paul finally gets caught posing for a picture

Linzi however, was more than happy to strike a pose

Keely in the 'I'm not posing' pose

Sam (of and the plants fame) playing live in front of a studio audience

The two boxes in front of Sam are home-made instruments

Vinnie (I think) and Sam team up for the 2nd performance of the evening

Sam in the post-gig comedown

Baum filled with young folk for first time in years...

Keely enjoying a wee snifter

The empty glasses cause the shakes

John looking concerned, probably for losing his seat

Kev desparately tries not to pose for the camera

Andy just about to ask me what I'm fucking looking at

A comment John finds hilarious


John, Sam and Andy. Sam still in post-gig comedown

Andy and a partially lairy Linzi

Dickensian doorman in rare entry into the pub and Andy throwing METAL!!!! to me

Bye then (*)

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