Spring Bank Mill Art Show
30th July 2011

the preamble - My friend Sam (together with the artists and hard-working friends) organised an art exhibit at a mill in Whitworth that's scheduled for demolition. There were a load of people exhibiting - everything from photographs and paintings to sculptures and AV installations. This isn't a record of the work that was exhibited. And there's three reasons for that. Firstly, because I didn't shoot any photos of the work - it seemed a bit odd to be taking photos of photos; secondly, I think that the pieces needed to been seen in the context of the mill space itself; and finally, because I forgot to take any kind of note of who had done which pieces...

The posters that lead like breadcrumbs from the road

As the sun sets over the buildings

Taking a photo of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo (repeat to fade)

Mark grasses me up

Charlie (aka monkey) (1)

Organising Sam (2)

Close shot of the acrylic hook sculpture by Mel Tse

As the sun sets over the hills (ripples in the clouds by God)

In the sun shot of the acrylic hook sculpture by Mel Tse

A-peeling paint

The Lord's Table (made by Sam)

Sam ponders how exactly he's going to play The Lord's Table

What appears to be a rubber bedsheet

Bullseye the house

Kristina trapped in the shelter

"I believe that you are in fact twisting my melon, sir!"

Caught in a world of her own

Children are too energetic...

...until they wear themselves out

As I mentioned above I didn't keep notes of who'd done which pieces, so if you know - or they're yours - then drop me an email and I'll update this with proper credits.

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