This is Heritage?
Random photos from a day out
9th September 2011

This is what occupies what once was screen one of the Canon cinema in Rochdale - the air conditioning of the Regal Moon (though it was the Ritz bingo who installed it all back in the day)

The Butts from the balcony

The flats and the legacy of one of the cooperative societies

This glass is probably older than us all

Moody cranes building the new Council offices

A little snifter to start the day off...

... and something to keep it going

Keely deep in concentration

Do try and not hit the camera

Kev's face of cynicism

I told Weeman the camera loved him, I think he got the wrong idea

I saw a mouse - where? - there on the chair

Dave does maths in his head

Leaves in the Baum garden

Dave loses his focus

To use some young person speak - Jack is all up in my face, yo

Booze barrel

Kev & Vicky's model garden

Jody's thoughts explode

Wardle Moss - the brew that should be banned by the UN

Vicky examines the paperwork to check the brewing schedule

Jim putting Spotify in its place

Keely pierces the camera

Wardle foliage

Thoughtful Jody

Keely lit by the garden

Kev - despite appearances not actually in a huff

Jody looking a bit sheepish

Yours truly, finishing off the night with something from Kev's special whiskey stash

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